RON FENNEL - for our families
Ward 7 Issues

Fiscal Management: Regardless of the economy, conservative fiscal policies and budget management are key to my pledge of NO PROPERTY TAX increases. I have voted for 4 budgets with NO TAX INCREASE! Two years ago, we also received our AAA Bond rating for the City of Smyrna!

Public Safety:  Everyone's #1 Priority.  Our police and fire officials MUST have the training and equipment to do their jobs, without fail. It has been my pleasure to Chair the Public Safety Committee for four years, as we are responsible for police, fired, 911 and emergency management.  I chaired the committees to hire a new Police Chief and two Fire Chiefs.

Economic Development:  I believe in and will help to recruit positive development for our city, including the S. Cobb Drive and Oakdale Road corridors. New growth should be location-appropriate, well maintained and a positive addition to our city. During my four years, I have helped to approve several new business and residential additions to Smyrna. 

Among the many new additions we are excited about are the arrival of Google Fiber, Jamestown's Riverview Landing, Belmont Hills, Smyrna Grove, Jonquil Plaza, Olde Ivy Village (Sprouts, Uncle Maddio's, etc.), Provident Creekside, Smyrna Cumberland Centre and many others.
As I have done thus far, I will continue to advocate for positive additions to the Smyrna community.

Parks & Recreation: As a parent, I appreciate the value of quality sports programs and parks, libraries & recreation facilities. I will continue to represent our many families who count on access to these opportunities and work to keep them viable, accessible, and affordable for young and old, alike.   

Pedestrian-Friendly: We must improve walkability in Smyrna. Better crosswalks, more sidewalks, and bike paths are key to connecting residents with their destinations and to our world-famous Silver Comet Trail. It has been my mission to move paving projects up the priority list and add many to the list, including new sidewalks, re-paving of streets, pothole maintenance and more.

Schools: I will continue to work closely with school & community leaders to ensure our concerns are heard and neighborhood integrity is maintained as I did during the redistricting process. Our new Cobb school board member Susan Thayer has been very responsive and a great listener. We are working closely to help improve our schools through better city-to-school board relations and support of the Smyrna Education Foundation. 

Railroad Noise: I remain focused on quality of life issues in South Smyrna. In recent months, I was able to secure funding for improvements to create a "quiet zone" railroad crossing at Nickajack Road via the 2016 SPLOST. Cobb County DOT has been amicable to partnering in this effort and it should happen in the next couple of years.

Smyrna ZIP Code:  By leveraging my position and previous work on this issue, I want to finish the job of giving ALL Smyrna residents a Smyrna ZIP code. Sadly, the US Postal Service cares very little about political jurisdictions and since local, state or federal officials have no control over their budgets or decision-making, it has been an exercise in patience and persistence. I will not relent until all Smyrna taxpayers have a Smyrna zip!

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